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Director: Professor Mohammad E. Khosroshahi
Email: m.khosro@miselectronics.com
Tel: 905-707-2305 (x279)

Nanotechnology is the cutting-edge field of designing, producing, and manipulating materials and devices at the atomic and molecular scale. Biophotonics is a field that uses photons of light to image, identify, and engineer biological materials. Together, nano-biophotonics is an emerging multidisciplinary field that combines the application of nanotechnology, biomedical science, and photonics to guide scientific investigations and engineer innovative solutions to real-world problems.

The Nanobiophotonics & Biomedical Research Lab is established in 2017 and is an integrated part of M.I.S. Electronics Inc. that excels in building partnerships with academic institutions and commercial organizations. Our goal is to perform advanced research while continuing to develop nanotechnology and photonics-based clinical industrial devices to meet the demands of the biomedical industry, as well as act as a specialized consultant.

The Director of the Lab, Professor Mohammad Khosroshahi, has received his Ph.D. degree in Applied Physics (Application of Lasers in Medicine) from Hull University (UK) in 1993, M.Sc. in Analytical Physics from Swansea University (UK) in 1989, and B.Sc. in Applied Physics and Electronics from Lancaster University (UK) in 1987. He is Fellow Member of Institute of Nanotechnology, Member of Canadian Medical and Biomedical Engineering Society, Canadian Association of Physics, and board member of Institute for Advanced Non-Destructive & Diagnostic Technologies (IANDIT)-University of Toronto. He is author of Application of Nanobiophotonics and Nanobiomaterials in Biomedical Engineering, and co-author of 2 book chapters in the field of Laser Surface Modification of Titanium Alloys for Orthopaedic Applications, and has published over 100 peer reviewed papers in international journals. At M.I.S., Professor Khosroshahi continues to manage research projects related to nanobiotechnology, biomedical devices and welcomes opportunities for discussion and collaboration.


  • Mohammad Khosroshahi
  • Vaughan Woll-Morison
  • Tiam Mohmedi
  • Yesha Patel
  • Roxana Chabok

About Our Lab

  • Nanomedicine


    • Tumor photothermal therapy
    • Cancer diagnosis
    • Bioimaging
    • Drug delivery
  • Nano-biosensors
    • Colloidal cancer biomarker detection
    • Multi-modal optical substrates
    • Targeted optical fibers
  • Biophotonics
    • Biological drug delivery systems
    • Photoacoustic drug delivery
    • Protein corona dynamics
    • Cancer thermodynamics
    • Molecular imaging
    • Biological Chaos
    • Fingerprints
    • Nanoferrofluids
    • Tissue scaffolds
  • Biomedical optics
    • Localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR)
    • Laser-induced fluorescence Spectroscopy (LIFS)
    • Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)
    • Plasmon-enhanced fluorescence (PEF)
    • Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)
    • Surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS)
    • Photothermal deflection spectroscopy (PTDS)
    • Photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS)
    • Fluorescence microscopy (FM)
    • Phase contrast microscopy (PCM)
    • Wavefront sensor (WFS)
    • UV-Vis spectroscopy
  • Laser-Tissue interaction
    • Laser tissue soldering
    • Orthopaedics
    • Dental
  • Biomedical Engineering
    • Laser surface modification of Materials
      • Titanium alloys
      • Stainless Steel
      • Biopolymers
      • Ceramics


  • Photothermal and photoacoustic investigation of heat generated by bioplsmonic solution
  • Study of multiwavelength stimulated Raman scattering using FITC-conjugated gold nanoparticles
  • Synthesis and characterization of random and oriented conjugated (HER-II and CA 15-3) antibodies as colloidal nanobiosensor
  • Development of a nanobiosensor substrate based on immobilized oriented antibody for rapid breast cancer biomarker detection
  • Optical and electrochemical study of breast cancer biomarker in blood serum using conjugated plasmonic colloids and indium tin oxide substrate
  • Near IR-enhanced guided fluorescence and thermal imaging of tissue subsurface Target
  • Investigation of oyster mycelium containing label-conjugated gold nanoparticles as a delivery vehicle
  • Fluorescence microscope study of molecular forces between Protein and conjugated gold nanoparticles
  • Study of milk quality using photoacoustic, fluorescence and UV-Vis spectroscopy
  • Plasmon-enhanced fluorescence spectroscopy and Rayleigh scattering
  • Protein Interaction with NHS-Functionalized gold nanourchins
  • FITC and ICG-conjugated nanoparticles for biomedical imaging
  • PTD study of thermal distribution of gold nanourchins in liquid
  • Optical spectrum analysis of tissue fluorescence signals
  • Wavefront sensor profiling of thermal spatial disturbance
  • Dynamics study of protein corona on gold nanourchins
  • Optical study of thermal effects on vegetable oils
  • Visualization of fingerprints on glass and paper
  • LIBS study of bio-nanoplasmonic solution
  • Heterodyne optical fiber sensor
  • Design of PA sensors


  • Lasers and optical systems
  • Formulation of nanoparticles
  • Characterization Techniques
  • Protein purification
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Immunoassays
  • Cell culturing
  • Protocol development


2021: Multimodal Spectroscopic Detection of Cancer Biomarkers using Oriented Targeted Nanobiosensor. 

2020: Growth and Characterization of Oyster Mycelium (Pleurotus eryngii) Containing FITC-conjugated Gold Nanoparticles as Natural Delivery Vehicle for Biomedical Applications.

2017: Early Cancer Biomarker Detection using Smart Optical Fibre-based Combined Tunable Optical Heterodyning, Fluorescence and Sensor System.

Lab Publications


1. Photothermal Deflection Study of Heat Transfer in Air and Bioplasmonic Solution and The Effect of Optical Breakdown on Protein Structure., J. Heat Trans, 2022 (Submitted).

2. Resonance Plasmon-enhanced Fluorescence Induced Multiple Stimulated Stokes Raman Scattering in FITC-conjugated Gold Nanoparticles., Opt. Lett., 2022 (Submitted).

3. Conjugation and Characterization of Breast Cancer Biomarker Anti-body (anti-HER-II) On PEGylated Gold Nanourchin for Selective Targeting., Gold Bulletin, 2022 (Submitted).

4. Non-Destructive Optical Detection of Breast Cancer Biomarker in Blood Serum Using Monoclonal Antibody-Conjugated Gold Nanourchin, FT-NIR and SERS Immunoassay: Colloidal Nanobiosensor System., Laser Med. Sci., 2022 (Submitted).

5. Characterization of Oriented HER-II Breast Cancer Biomarker Antibody Immobilized 0n Gold Substrate for Targeted Detection using Reflectance FTIR Spectroscopy and SERS., Analyt. Methods, 2022 (Submitted).

6. Non-destructive Assessment of Milk Quality Using Pulsed UV Photoacoustic, Fluorescence and Near FTIR Spectroscopy., J. Nondest. Eval., 2022, (Accepted).

7. Study of Pulsed Laser-induced Heating in Bio-plasmonic Solution Using Combined Photoacoustic and Probe Beam Deflection Technique: Thermoacoustic Effects J. Appl. Phys., 131, 2022.

8. Deep UV LED Dynamic Optical Imaging and Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Bovine Serum Albumin and Gold Nanourchin Solution and Laser-induced Thermal Effects. J. Appl. Spect., 89, 2022.

9. Near IR-enhanced guided fluorescence and Thermal Imaging of Tissue Subsurface Target Using ICG-labelled Gold Nanourchins and Protein Contrast Agent: Implication of Stability. Laser Med. Sci., on-line, Jan., 2022.


10. Photoacoustic Characterization of Protein Interaction with Gold Nanourchin in Phosphate Buffer Saline, Laser Phys. Lett., 18: 085601:2021.

11. Dynamic Characterization of Indocyanine Green-assisted Dental Caries ablation with Continuous Diode Laser Using Thermal Imaging and Fluorescence Spectroscopy. Laser Med. Sci., 35:667-674:2021.

12. Visualization and Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Fingerprints on Glass Slide Using Combined 405 nm Laser and Phase Contrast Microscope. J. Visual, online,2021.


13. Growth and Characterization of Oyster Mycelium (Pleurotus eryngii) Containing FITC-conjugated Gold Nanoparticles as Natural Delivery Vehicle for Biomedical Applications. Adv. Sc. Eng. Med., 12:1153-1165:2020.

14. Measurement of Pulse Nd: YAG Laser-induced Stress and Analysis of Dental Tissue and Amalgam Plume Using Uniaxial Polyvinylidene Fluoride-based Photoacoustic Sensor and Plasma Spectroscopy., Opt. Laser Tech., 128:106239:2020.


15. Study of Spatial Thermal Distribution of Gold Nanourchins in Saline by Combine Transverse Probe Beam Deflection and Beam Wavefront Sensor., Appl. Phys. B, 125:229:2019.


16. Effect of Temperature on Optical Properties of Vegetable Oils using UV-Vis and Laser Fluorescence Spectroscopy. Opt. Phot. J., 2018, 8:247:2018.

Instruments and Equipment

Ductless Hood

Biological Safety Cabinet
(Type A-2)

CO2 Incubator


Benchtop Centrifuge

High-speed Microcentrifuge

Vortex Mixer

Orbital Shaker

Magnetic Stirring Hot Plate

NanoQuest Near-IR (FTIR) Spectrometer

Multi-cell UV-Vis Spectrometer

Single-cell UV-Vis Spectrometer

Eppendorf Micropipettes

Phase Contrast Microscope

Fluorescence Microscope

Beam Chopper (4-200 kHz)

OPO Nd: YAG Laser
(266, 355,532, and 1064nm)

Four Channel Diode Laser
(405, 488, 808, and 1064nm)

He-Ne Laser (632nm)

Optical Analyzer


Dual Power and Energy Meter

Delay Generator

300MHz Digital Oscilloscope

Function Generator

1.0, 2.25, and 3.5MHz
Immersion Transducers

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Our Office

MIS Electronics Inc.
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Richmond Hill, ON  L4B 1B4 Canada
ISO 9001:2015 registered
ISO 13485:2016 registered

Office Hours

Mon-Fri: 9am - 5pm (EST)
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