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M.I.S is a leading designer and manufacturer of proximity sensors and intelligent sanitary products encompassing controllers that integrate design, research, development and manufacturing into touchless automatic sensor faucets. MIS located right here in Canada has been devoting itself to advancing the environmental control technology in touchless automatic sensor faucets.

MIS manufactures within a ISO9001 facility and as a result has been successful in establishing thousands of long-term cooperate relationships across many vertical markets in over 20 countries.

We care for the environment: Our intelligent faucets save the water that would otherwise be wasted. We care for people: M.I.S’s automatic faucets are easy to install, maintain, and use..


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To improve our health and safety, something needs to change. We use our faucets countless times a day – whether we’re washing dishes, filling up a water bottle, cleaning our hands, or doing any of the other seemingly mundane tasks we require them for.

What we’ve only just started to become aware of, however, is how many germs can form on and around a faucet – not just those in public spaces, but right at home – and the health challenges posed by this

M.I.S is at the forefront of the automatic sensor faucet technology movement, from faucets that work with the wave of a hand to fixtures you can control with your voice, the residential  and commercial touchless faucet market has grown in the past few years as have our capabilities to support this significant shift in demand in the market.

 “Completely touch-free faucets will be the trend for the next five to 10 years due to convenience and personal hygiene,” “Especially during flu season, the completely touch-free faucet can protect family members from cross contamination. M.I.S are also further developing voice control on this completely touch-free faucet to connect to the smart-home system for more convenience.”



    • Elegant and straight design 
      Automatic faucets offer high-tech designer product for use in even the smallest areas
    • Adaptable design 
      Our automatic faucets are available in following surface finish:chrome,brass,white and duo-tone
    • Innovation for trend-setters 
      “Water with mind … Sensible Water Use“


      MIS strives to deliver the highest quality touchless faucet sensor products to our customers. Whether our products’ end use is intended for residential or commercial , our mission remains the same: 

      • Help our customers beat the spread of germs.
      • Help protect against rising energy costs.
      • Provide the most relevant and advanced  and stylish solutions available.
      • Employ in-house technical expertise capable of delivering advance solutions.
      • Stand behind our offerings with strong warranties and the infrastructure to provide trustworthy customer support
      • Improve and align company strategy considering a global environment of continuous changes
      • No germ transfer (touch-free eliminates the risk of germs)
      • Clean outlook:
        Faucets stay clean longer.
      • Easy to clean: Easy form and smooth surface.
      • Complies with statutory provisions: like those in the food industry.
      • Easy handling:
        operate touch-free without turning or handling. Wide sensor area through double sensor.
      • Flexible use: Adjustable temperature setting.
      • Optimal cleaning: Auxiliary faucet functions smooth surface.
      • Easy installation and maintenance: flexible connections, long-lasting battery operation, remote control (optional)
      • Affordable, increased performance, minimal installation effort.
      • Up to 70 % savings in water and energy: valve control.
      • Ease of installation and use: No line installation required, secure function and use, vandal proof construction,
      • Valve technique-used in 40 million dishwashers
      • 2 years warranty
      Safety & Security
      • Secure function: reliable operation, security OFF and reset function, bistable cartridge solenoid valve (secure to dirt and calcium carbonate), digital microelectronic with processor.
      • Secure operation: only low voltage operation, status light, operating features adjustable to conditions
      • Vandal proof construction: tough brass housing, temperature fixed reset function

      Specifications: Automatic faucets

      Sensor/electronic technology – infrared double-sensor technology works three-dimensionally. Upon recognizing an object, the digital micro-electronic sensor promptly turns the water on. Water only runs when needed – reliably and conveniently. An intelligent, logical design prevents malfunctions.

      M.I.S’s unique, patented touch button adds such practical features as “temporary-off” for undisturbed cleaning or “permanent-on” for convenient filling of the sink by “continuous run”.

      Additionally a 24-hour sentinel rinse can be activated.

      Technology – special valve technology ensures many years of reliable operation, lasting several million uses with assured shut-off functionality. Due to sturdy construction and durable finishes, this faucet line is an ideal choice for locations where vandalism is a concern. The compact design and sophisticated details enable easy installation and maintenance, just as easy as with conventional faucets.


      Battery operation

      6V DC

      Mains supply

      230V AC / 6V DC

      Water flow duration

      0,5 – 4 sec

      Water temperature

      max. 80°C


      Quality policy


      • Commitment to quality
      • Customer focus
      • Continual improvement


      Circuit board assembly is one piece of the turnkey puzzle. Trust MIS Electronics to manage your product from custom design to delivery, ensuring a retail-ready board without errors.

      • On-time delivery
      • Cost control
      • Fast prototyping
      • Highest quality
      • Total care support


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      MIS Electronics Inc.
      174 West Beaver Creek Rd.
      Richmond Hill, ON  L4B 1B4 Canada
      ISO 9001:2015 registered
      ISO 13485:2016 registered

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      Mon-Fri: 9am - 5pm (EST)
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      Our Office

      MIS Electronics Inc.
      174 West Beaver Creek Rd.
      Richmond Hill, ON  L4B 1B4 Canada
      ISO 9001:2015 registered
      ISO 13485:2016 registered

      Office Hours

      Mon-Fri: 9am - 5pm (EST)
      Sat-Sun: Closed

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      1 905-707-2305

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